Authentication failed error validating saml message

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Authentication failed error validating saml message

As shown in the following table, when SAML authentication is enabled, the default Navigator login URL always produces a service-provider initiated SSO process (SP initiated SSO); in this process, users log into the Navigator login page and Navigator sends the authentication request to the identity provider.

Specifying a SAML Login URL produces an identity provider-initiated SSO process (Id P initiated SSO); in this process, users log into the identity provider's login page and are redirected to the Navigator console and logged in.

I was able to setup the app to redirect to Auth0 login page and after the login return a SAML response.

Jasper Exception: /error.jsp(1,64) PWC6188: The absolute uri: cannot be resolved in either or the jar files deployed with this application at org.apache.jasper.compiler.

This error occurs when the signature certificate on Splunk does not match the certificate that the Id P uses to sign SAML messages.

If your signature verification certificate is a self-signed certificate: Make sure that the certificate specified in the is the same as the certificate the Id P uses to sign SAML messages.

However, you may have multiple chains configured, or more than one intermediate CA.

If you have multiple chains configured, structure your certificate chain as follows: $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/auth/idp Certs idp Cert Chain_1 idp Cert Chain_2 $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/auth/idp Certs/idp Cert Chain_1 cert_1cert_2cert_3$SPLUNK_HOME/etc/auth/idp Certs/idp Cert Chain_2 cert_1cert_2cert_3ERROR Authentication Manager SAML - Requesting user info from ID returned an error.

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The configuration details are specific to the IDP, but in general you must download the SAML file from your Cloudera Navigator instance and perform the other steps below.

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