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Arashi dating

We can grow up in the process of pursuing something, right? (laugh) How do I change when falling in love with someone? My ideal girlfriend in the real sense of meaning is one who has the same sense of values as me.

If it's one-sided love, I will get crazy about her day by day and then tells her "I love you" honestly in the end. What is important is that we can feel the same way towards anything, like laughing, crying, irritating, pleasing together.

I prefer to communicate with her in the same way as I do with my male friends, and if she gets to like me in such a process, that would be best. When falling in love with someone, we tend to pay much attention to it.

It must be natural for us, but I want to maintain a sense of distance between me and my girl friend and have my own private time without her.

" Therefore, I'm not going to do what she feels annoying....means that my girlfriend should be one who is really similar to myself (laugh).

I usually decide anything by myself but my girl friend may not make her honest feelings clear, right?

I want to let my kids have various experiences so that they can have more options in their lives. All the girls with whom I fell in love so far have nothing in common.

In addition...example, if I can work with the future Juniors at the age of 30 or so (laugh), I don't want to be like the one saying "In my Jr's days..." instead I want to become a senior who can understand what those younger generations feel/think. I don't know which parts of them really attract me.

Even when being together and having no talk at all, we want to stay natural, not minding it at all.

When I don't feel like talking, I don't want her to ask me like, "What was your day today?

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