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Amber barno hot

On the Rainy River, anglers are finding smallmouth bass and northern pike success in areas where the water is clearest.

Bemidji area: After the water temperatures on area lakes cooled recently to the mid-70s, the walleye fishing picked up.

“The Republican focus on Obamacare is backfiring,” says (Greenberg), a top Democratic pollster, who conducted the survey (which found an increasing approval rating for health care reform) with a GOP counterpart. The surprising resurrection of Obamacare is poised to have broad political ramifications come November.

During the darkest days of the rollout last fall, Republicans made what seemed a safe bet that the unpopularity of the law would help deliver another midterm-election romp, just as it did in 2010.

“Until now, this is an issue where the intensity has been on the other side,” he says.

their funky neighborhood restaurant was an immediate success & is now known far & wide for its original mexican cuisine.Ely area: The bite slowed a bit on area lakes last week after some recent warm air and water temperatures, but anglers are finding walleyes in depths of 15 to 25 feet, while the smallmouth bass have been above average.Some anglers have had northern success with the pike responding to fast-moving artificial lures.Earlier in the week, fisheries staff reported that the grasshoppers were abundant.There are currently over 20 million veterans in America.

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