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Alexander skarsgard is dating roda monroe

"I was really intrigued by the character and how complex he was," he says."It wasn't like I can switch off my brain for eight months and just do CGI work, you know?Single Amanda Seyfried, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate Bosworth, Anne Vyalitsina, Ellen Page (rumored) Meekus (Zoolander), Sgt.

After today’s shoot, he is due to accompany his girlfriend Ms Alexa Chung, the British model and It girl, to the CFDA Awards, a gala night on New York’s fashion calendar."There's a lot of movies and shows, plays and books about adolescence from a boy's point of view, coming-of-age stories where boys are allowed to talk about their sexuality and how fucking weird it is to be a teenager," he says, his Stockholm-by-way-of Silver-Lake accent registering more like the lilt of a boarding school-refined Good Ol' Boy."As a guy it's okay to talk about sex and say, 'I want to get laid,' but [the same scenario is painted as] prudish when it's from a female's perspective. And that's so sad if girls feel weird when they watch a movie about teenage girls who only want to get married, have two kids, and a beautiful house.He's continually figuring out who the character is and learning new things about himself in that process," he says. I very well could lose it or the passion for being an actor one day." Much like his refusal to talk about his private life, a mandate that was reiterated before our interview, Skarsgård is reticent to give too much of his process away, it seems.That said, he's happy to tell you what it felt like to get glammed up in drag for the film's San Francisco premiere: "I was in so much physical pain that I was having a hard time," he says, his cornflower blue eyes opened wide in earnest disbelief.

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And though I assure him that he has the perfect bone structure for contouring, he only laughs.