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Sebastiao was succeeded by Henrique, who died childlessly.

Afterward, King Philip II of Spain claimed the throne of Portugal on the grounds that he was the nephew of King Sebastiao.

They fought the Romans for decades and they were only defeated in 139 BC when Viriatus was captured. However, the Celtic tribe gave their name to the Roman province of Lusitania.

However by the middle of the 3rd century AD the Roman Empire was in decline.

In the 5th century Roman rule in Portugal collapsed. They were landowners and warriors who despised trade. In 711 Moors from North Africa invaded the Iberian peninsula.

In 1758 an attempt was made to assassinate the king, Jose I.

Pombal took this opportunity to execute several powerful nobles. However, when the king died in 1777 the enemies of Pombal took the opportunity to bring him to trial for the previous regime's harsh measures. However, in 1808 a rebellion against the French began in Spain and Portugal.

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After 3 years of fighting the French were driven out of Portugal in 1811. However, the new constitution was not popular with everyone.